It is finished!

August 10, 2010


What happened in the ‘past’ was a nightmare! The enemy meant it for evil, but my God meant it for good. I have seen how God worked in my life, I’ve seen His wonders, His glory, His power, but just like the stance of the Israelites in the wilderness, it was as if I had amnesia. Forgetting how good my God was, and my God is.

Many times, I hear Him… His small still voice.  People around me called me blessed and ‘anointed’ as they see how God work in my life.

God enables, and that is the courage that makes me move to lead His people in worship.  I know deep within that I touched His heart, but not to be compared with the amount as He touches mine.

Days passed, God made me realized that as much as I wanted to be near Him, the enemy also wants to be near me. ‘he’ tries to snatch me away from the palm of my Father. ‘he’ always sets a trap for me to go back ‘his’ ways. ‘he’ makes my life miserable, trying to weaken my faith.

Yes, I failed! Well in fact, many times I failed. But my God doesn’t stop loving me. He never gets tired embracing me. Always been there wiping away my tears. The enemy reminds me of my past, but my God tells me what life’s ahead with Him. He reminds me of my place as His treasured possession, and so I am His. Satan tries to destroy me and puts me down. But my Father in heaven builds me up and dreams brighter future for me.

Never again that this life will be used for your dark plans! I say ‘NO!’ to you! I declare that you are beaten in my life in the name of Jesus! I am victorious and you are defeated! Because of the cross I am able to live a holy life! A life that is pleasing to my God! This heart of mine belongs to Jesus! This body is the temple of His Spirit. This mind is set to do only His will and His purpose in my life. I am living for Him, because He died for me!

It’s payback time! No longer your ways nor my own ways… But I’ll do it God’s way! No longer your desire nor the desire of my flesh, but I’m after on what His desire for me! Enough is enough! I declare Jesus is Lord upon my life, upon my family, and upon my loved ones!

As I submit to the authority of my Father in heaven… I declare you powerless Satan!  This life will only give glory to my One true GOD, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ!!!

So true! Thousand years ago, “IT IS FINISHED!”

John 19:30


4 Responses to “It is finished!”

  1. ‘ve been watching kung fu panda once again… and suddenly i just weeping not because of what i’ve been watching ,maybe because on my friends.
    naalala ko lang kasi nung sabay sabay kami nanonood ng kung fu panda. yung reward namin sa chowking,hays, miss NGB..i just still remember them.
    yung mga kulitan namin,biruan,bondings.
    during they come together watching kung fu panda.
    and I asking myself,”where is the joy to reach your brotherhood,to attain one of them?.
    to follow up?

  2. iloveyoulord Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog Mads. 😀

    Don’t worry, magkakasama pa rin kayo. Read Proverbs 17:17
    By the way ang Kung Fu Panda na CD ay hindi sa chowking nakuha. Sa KFC po ‘yon, after ng small group natin sa wildlife. ^_^

  3. hahah napatawa ako dun ahh.. kfc nga pala

  4. i remember when NGB was gathered on Manila Zoo.. tha was our first retreat together with you ate veejay,there was a time that we are’z this is our first reatreat …to know each other…
    I miss our bondings ,our moments,crying…laughing..
    but now there was a different habit.different way of our life…
    napaka moody… emotional..lulubog lilitaw…
    i ask myself.. what happen? anung nangyari sa NGB!
    I miss Billy,Chad,Jemai,John,Leyow,Mikhale =(

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